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The Top 6 Hair Trends From the Spring 2020 Shows We’re Still Obsessing Over

Images: Imaxtree

There was so much fashion to drool over at the Spring 2020 shows, but there were also plenty of eye-catching beauty looks. And the hairstyles sent down the runways provided some of the month’s best inspo. After all, hairstyles are really the crowning touches of any look — and if they’re finished with look-at-me hair accessories or hats, even better.

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Much like the makeup looks, many ‘dos nodded to the 80s. And you might want to consider buying hair gel in bulk because models’ locks came in varying degrees of sleekness. Styles were worn brushed off the face or a smooth finish was used to highlight a razor-sharp part. Some shows took a more saturated, messier approach to wet-look hair with a caught-in-the-rain vibe, while others presented drier takes. Part placement varied from straight down the middle to deep on one side. In both cases, hairlines were frequently slicked down.

Those suffering from scalp tension thanks to high hairstyles will be pleased to hear that most updos were positioned at the nape of the neck. It didn’t matter whether it was a bun, ponytail or twisted loop. Another surprise were all the grown-up pigtails.

Here are the top hair trends from the Spring 2020 shows that’ll get you out of your hair rut.

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