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The New York Fashion Week Spring 2020 Beauty Looks We Can’t Stop Talking About

Images: Imaxtree

Fasten your utility belt bag because it’s that time of year again. New York Fashion Week Spring 2020 just wrapped and was full of clothes to covet. But not even the to-die-for runway fashion and inspiring street style will distract us from the stunning beauty looks. While we haven’t even seen what London, Milan and Paris have to offer, some major beauty trends have already developed.

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The biggest takeaway? Look-at-me looks that wouldn’t look out of place in the 80s. The famous unabashed excess the decade is known for was represented everywhere, from hair to makeup. Before you cringe, know that these looks are bold, but not super cheesy. To go along with the 80s revival, bright makeup was also a fixture at many shows. Fruity pops of color decorated eyes and lips with multiple striking shades paired together. There was also a whimsical, artsy approach reminiscent of Euphoria‘s eye-catching beauty looks.

Can’t get enough of flashy hair accessories? You’re in luck because adding bling to strands is still going strong. Designers dreamed up new ways to shine, from a constellation of rhinestones to OTT floral accents. Sleek, wet-look hairstyles also proved their staying power so you’ll still be able to rock the frizz-fighting look come spring.

Here are the 22 best beauty looks from New York Fashion Week we can’t wait to copy.

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