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How to Know If You Have Combination Hair and What to Do About It

When deciding on a hair care regimen, have you ever considered that different parts of your hair have different needs? A dry shampoo can fix an oily scalp, but what about damaged ends? Alternatively, your brittle, vulnerable roots may require a special kind of pampering.

If your hair has different needs from your roots to the tips, you probably have combination hair. It’s an important diagnosis since it can affect how you interpret your hair care needs. Just like figuring out your skin type, you must make an effort to observe how each part of your mane behaves in order to restore its natural balance.

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Then there’s your scalp. It requires different maintenance than your strands since it acquires dirt and grease more readily. Which is why you often find your scalp a tad oilier than your tips. A hydrating shampoo can nourish your hair, but your scalp may need something more.

It really all comes down to picking the right products, from conditioners to hair masks. Here’s a quick guide on how to take care of combination hair.

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