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18 Cool Summer Hairstyles for When It’s Too Damn Hot

With temps surging, you’re probably looking for easy ways to stay cool. (We know we are.) Sure, you can break out the cutoffs and your favorite strappy tank or a flirty summer dress. Or maybe even your new romper. But the best way to avoid overheating is with chill summer hairstyles.

The good news is that you don’t have to just rely on your standard ponytail or basic ballerina bun to beat the heat. You can upgrade your warm-weather look by testing out runway- and celeb-inspired twists on traditional ‘dos. From working in old-school accessories like claw clips and comb headbands to doubling up on updos, there are so many options. Not to mention all the new ways to flaunt fancy or even messy top knots.

You’ll be happy to discover that many of these cool summer hairstyles are pretty simple to do. And most don’t take that long to accomplish. So you’ll be able to keep your hair off your neck through the heat wave — and beyond — without breaking a sweat.

See the slideshow above for 18 head-turning summer hairstyles to keep your cool while looking hot this summer.

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